Happy 2022! We're back open as usual! Gift vouchers are still available to purchase.
Happy 2022! We're back open as usual! Gift vouchers are still available to purchase.
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Our top 5 things to do when plans get cancelled over the festive period

Did your festive plans sadly get cancelled? We're sorry to hear it! We have however got your night covered with some of our top tips. So, read on to find out our top five things to do when your plans get cancelled over the festive period....

We never imagined we would still be in a pandemic situation nearly two years down the line, but with more rumours of another lockdown looming, Christmas parties and festivities are being cancelled to ensure our safety and take extra precautions following these gloomy news headlines.

Whilst it may not be clear on what the team at No.10 are going to decide yet following Christmas Day, we still wanted to give you our top five things to do in case your plans get cancelled this festive season! So, lets imagine here for a minute… You could have been getting all done up, legs all shaved and moisturised and the stress of picking the best outfit…. but all that stress has gone now following the cancellation… Silver lining? But what to do now? Well, here are a few options to get you started:

1. Home pamper time

Give yourself a mini spa break from the comfort of your own home! You can even get others in your household involved! Don’t be shy, go get your bathrobe on, hair up and pull out your favourite face masques, cleansers, foot spas and even the massage oils for a girly pamper session! It’s been a stressful year (or two) after all, so you deserve to treat yourself to some much needed ‘me time’. Here’s some of our favourite products for your special in-house spa night:

- BT Infusion's Vitamin C Face Masque
- Lavender & Chamomile Cuticle Oil
- Bio-Cellular Super Cleanse Facial Cleanser
- Facial Glow Radiance Peel Exfoliator

Click any of the links above to view the products

2. Release your inner Nigella or Mary Berry

Learn a new skill

Wanted to bake some gingerbread or wanting to learn to cook like a Michelin Star chef? You have time to do just that!! Get into the festive spirit with some delicious home-made mulled wine (pun fully intended here) and dig into home made goodies! There is a whole host of festive food and drink recipes online so check those cupboards to see what special recipe you could rustle together.

3. Soak in the tub

Bath Tub

When was the last time you were able to fill your bath full of bubbles and relax in the tub? Well now is your opportunity! So go get yourself a large glass of your favourite wine or G&T, grab one of Elemental Herbology’s fantastic bath and body oils, such as their Metal Detox Oil and get that Water Soothe candle lit for the ultimate indulgence.

- Water Soothe Aromatherapy Candle
- Zest Detox Bath & Body Oil

4. Window Shopping at its best

Phone Shopping

Still struggling with what to do? Why not start window shopping for some unwanted gifts that others received and snap up a bargain? Most online stores, especially big retailers, also have an abandoned cart option, meaning if you select your desired items and just wait on the purchase for up to 24 hours, you may get a sneaky discount offer in your inbox. But you didn’t hear this from us!

5. Do absolutely nothing!

Duvet Day

No judgement at all! We’ve had a crazy year! Sometimes we just want to get under our duvet or a blanket on the sofa and just binge watch our favourite films, or the latest box sets on Netflix.

There you have it! Of course, these are just some of our favourite things to do if we get chance to enjoy them in our busy schedules, but we also completely understand those who would much prefer to curl up in a ball and simply wait for Christmas to be over!

Don’t forget, we’re back open on the 4th January and are taking bookings for all of our treatments, including pedicures and massages, ready to help you feel renewed and refreshed in the New Year.

In the meantime, have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and here’s hoping we can all spend it happy and healthy with our loved ones! See you in the New Year!

With love from me, Emma and the team at The Nail & Beauty Nerd! x

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